Executive Coaching

Executives in organisations require the ability to work with limited resources in a competitive environment and achieve results. We work individually with executives to build their effectiveness in the role.  We do this by targeting four main areas

  • Leadership and management
  • Individual skills such as communication, team building, public speaking and problem solving
  • Career development
  • The need for personal balance that will enable executives to meet the enormous demands of life and business.

Coaching for executives is recognised as a key component to achieving results in an organisation.  An Australasian survey conducted in 2006 found over 70% of companies now recognise that coaching for their executives is a fundamental part of their human resource development strategy.  Why is this so?

It is the rare executive who truly has mastery in all areas of business and management.  Many seminars and training courses are targeted at middle management and are too general for executives.  Training courses need a commitment of 1-3 days or more, a time commitment that executives can’t meet.  Executives need targeted, time efficient, and effective training.

Executives also need a sounding board.  Coaches from Threshold Coaching are completely discrete and keep all information shared, totally confidential.  We are subject to our code of ethics.  We take all reasonable steps to ensure confidentiality of records and information except as permitted in writing by the client or as required by law. 

Benefits of executive coaching

There has been limited theoretical research on the benefits of executive coaching due to its relatively short history as an executive development tool.  However there are many reported benefits including:

  • Increase in the ability of the executive to appraise their performance
  • Increase in productivity and results of the executive
  • Increase in performance of the organisation in key result areas
  • Increased leadership and development of other team members by the executive
  • Attractive addition to the remuneration package of the executive
  • Career development and increased awareness of the need for succession planning
  • Improved relationships and team building
  • Improved problem solving ability

Executives who have received coaching report:

  • Increased ability to see the big picture
  • Increased self awareness
  • Increased confidence and morale
  • They feel valued
  • Clarity of purpose, goals and focus
  • Increased technical skills
  • Increased career prospects
  • Reduced stress and increased capacity to cope with stressful situations

How do we conduct executive coaching?

The needs of the client are matched to an experienced coach.  The executive and the coach meet to determine if they are compatible.  The organisation may choose to brief the coach on what they want as a result of the coaching or it can be left solely to the executive and coach.  It is always made very clear at the beginning of the coaching relationship, what level of information will be provided to the organisation from the coach and what part (maybe all) of the relationship will be kept confidential between the executive and coach.  If an open and working partnership is to be achieved, there will be some aspects of the outcomes that will not be discussed with the organisation.

Sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or by email depending on the availability of the client and coach.  Threshold Management and Coaching recognises that many of the clients that seek our services already have busy lives.  Our focus is on assisting you in achieving your goals not adding to your time burden.

When should an executive be coached?

  • When newly promoted or given new responsibilities
  • Upon appointment to an organisation
  • When the requirements of the position require a higher level of skill in certain areas.
  • When building the business to a new level of service or achievement
  • When an executive asks for professional development particularly targeted to their needs
  • As part of a professional development plan
  • As part of an employment package