Governance support

We believe that great organisations come out of great leadership. Great leadership in organisations comes from a highly effective governance and management team working together with clarity in their strategy and their purpose.

We enable the leadership team and board to gain the skills and critical thinking that will take their organisation to higher levels of performance. We provide training, coaching and support.

How do we work with governance boards?

Threshold Management and Coaching provides facilitation of governance sessions, skills training or customised coaching for boards.

  • Facilitation of governance sessions
    Boards are required to be visionary. They provide the context in which the organisation functions. Topics such as strategic planning, market positioning and service provision can be challenging for a board. We will provide a facilitator to attend your sessions and help you achieve clear goals, responsibilities and action plans to move your organisation forward.
  • Training
    We offer training sessions to address a particular skill the board requires. This may include legal and ethical responsibilities, team building and the requirements of an effective board. Training sessions will be designed specifically to meet your organisation’s needs.
  • Coaching
    Board coaching can involve coaching of the board as a whole or individuals such as a newly appointed board member or executive office bearer. It is a targeted service offering on-call coaching for boards to achieve their aims.
  • Board evaluation
    We can conduct and facilitate an independent board evaluation so you can understand where your board is effective and where it can be strengthened. An evaluation process can be as deep and robust as the organisation feels necessary and will be individually designed with you to achieve your outcomes.

How we work with boards

We usually meet with the Chair/President of the Board and the CEO of the organisation and discuss the board aims and the reasons that board support may be appropriate.

We are happy to attend board meetings and strongly recommend that we do attend at least one meeting to understand the dynamic of the board and how the members work together. We do not provide advice on the business of the board but we will assist you in the following areas:

  • Strategies for the Board to operate as an effective and dynamic team
  • Developing the communication between the Board and the management of organisation
  • Defining the roles of governance and operational management and who does what.
  • Legal and ethical obligations of the Board
  • Strategic plan development
  • Establishment and management of sub-committees
  • Conflicts of interest and how to manage them
  • Individual board training for board members

NFP board governance

The demands on governance boards of not-for-profit organisations have never been higher with increased accountability, compliance, risk management, funding pressures and HR management. Governance boards need to bring a variety of skills and networks to the board table. They have to ensure delivery of their core service within a complex regulatory environment whilst still being able to think strategically and collaboratively. It is a demanding role to be done on a voluntary basis. In addition boards and CEOs have to work as a strong leadership team to take their organisation to the next level.

Boards of not-for-profit organisations are normally comprised of volunteers. Volunteers join a board for many reasons and they come from a variety of backgrounds and with different skill sets. Many board members come with little board experience. Often board members have very busy lives so their time with the board must be time efficient and effective.

Despite board members being volunteers, they still require professional development of their skills. There are training courses for boards available but they are perforce very general. We offer targeted training and coaching support to boards and their members to ensure that the time spent on professional development is useful for both the individual and the organisation.

Threshold Management recognises that not-for-profit organisations work within a very limited budget and that the majority of funds must be targeted to your primary purpose. We charge the same rate regardless of whether you meet during a workday, evening or weekend.